IHI Oil-Free Turbo Compressors / Centrifugal Compressors


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IHI Oil-Free Turbo Compressors / Centrifugal Compressors

IHI centrifugal compressors supply 100% oil-free air to the customers. They are classified ISO8573-1 Class 0 oil-free, which is the highest purity grade of compressed air by an independent third-party test house TÜV in Germany. This helps minimize the prospect of damaged products, expensive operational downtime, and damage to a company’s reputation of users.

Product Origin: JAPAN
Technology: JAPAN

Energy Saving
World class efficiency achieved by utilizing our advanced rotating machinery technology. IHI turbo compressors bring high level energy saving to production operations, today’s stringent energy saving need.

User Customization
In the manufacturing workplace, compressed air needs are constantly changing. IHI matches optimal design to your production operation, in order to offer you the best choices.

Easy Maintainence
IHI turbo compressors have a simple and robust design, in order to reduce maintenance costs. We have worked hard to simplify day to day maintenance procedures so that our products can provide a stable supply of compressed air throughout the year, with minimal maintenance.