Sullair Screw Air Compressor AS04 - AS110 . 4 - 110KW


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Sullair Screw Air Compressor AS04 - AS110 . 4 - 110KW
Since 1965, Sullair has been leading the innovation in the field of screw compressor and vacuum technology. With more than 40-year experiences, Sullair is leading a new round of innovation in this field. Utilizing the most advanced technologies, equipments and manufacturing technique, Sullair provides customers the best air compressor and vacuum equipment in order to meet the customers’ severe requirements. Sullair has led the industrial trends in the field with its first-class screw rotor design.
Sullair products are universally known around the world for its practical design, outstanding craftsmanship and superior quality. Sullair professionals provide you AS series 4-110kW air compressor with simple structure, easy operation and great performance byoptimal design while to ensure the amazing reliability, stability and related performance specifications of Sullair products. In fact, its design has made the new standard for this industry in every respect.
Customers who work with Sullair have found that the intangibles make all the difference — things like trust, confidence and peace of mind. They go to work every day having full faith in their equipment, as well as the knowledge that dedicated distributors and Sullair personnel have their back every step of the way.

Bulletproof. Built to last. However you spin it, Sullair compressors are in it for the long haul, driven by the design of the legendary Air End. In factories and on jobsites all over the world, you will find Sullair compressors standing the test of time, running consistently today like they did on day one.

Sullair is constantly innovating to improve the performance of our compressors. For our portable line, this means longer run-time at the jobsite. For our stationary compressors, this means more energy efficiency. With energy costs often far exceeding the upfront cost of a compressor, Sullair is committed to helping you manage your operating expenses — for as long as they run! R