JA Becker High Pressure Compressor
JA Becker High Pressure Compressor
JA Becker High Pressure Compressor

The air compressors of J.A. Becker & Söhne are versatilely applicable and ready to accept any challenge.

Fields of application are e.g.
• Supply of test benches for function or leakage tests
• Vacuum generation in high voltage switching cabinets
• Movement of ball valves in pipelines

Compressor unit and accessories
The compressor unit is a plug & play solution that requires little installation effort and can be put quickly and easily into operation. A broad range of optional accessories are available for both the compressor and the compressor unit.

The scope of delivery differs depending on the type of the compressor and the compressor unit. In most cases the compressor unit consists of the compressor itself supplemented by the electric control, pressure sensors for inlet and outlet pressure, output temperature monitoring, set connection hoses and bulkhead fi ttings. They are installed completely assembled and electrically wired on a compressor base frame.

Additional accessories:
e.g. heating, dryers, fi lters, (high) pressure storages,
armatures and soundproof hoods

Our support and service package is rounded off by our offer of acceptance tests through different certifi cation companies, professional installations with subsequent commissioning as well as an extensive range of trainings.

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