SPIRALAIR (Scroll Oil Free 2hp - 30hp)
SPIRALAIR (Scroll Oil Free 2hp - 30hp)
SPIRALAIR (Scroll Oil Free 2hp - 30hp)
SPIRALAIR (Scroll Oil Free 2hp - 30hp)


SPIRALAIR (Scroll Oil Free 2hp - 30hp)


Power Sizes: 2HP/3HP/5HP/8HP/10HP/15HP/20HP/22HP/30H

Technology: Belt Drive

FAD: From 4 to 86.5 CFM

Pressure Variant: 8/10 barg

Oil-free compressors

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics and textiles cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. Therefore, it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. The standard is ISO 8573-1 (2010) certification, in which Class Zero represents the highest air purity. It is the only way to ensure oil-free air for your critical processes and with it peace of mind.

Outstanding reliability, low maintenance and operating costs make oil-free compressors a sound investment.

The power of our oil-free scroll range

SPR 2-30 oil-free scroll compressors provide high-quality compressed air for critical applications in a wide range of industries. Continuous investment in research and development has resulted in economic and ecological compressors.

Oil-free compressors

  • Ultimate 100% oil-free, clean air.
  • No filtration system required to remove residual oil along with the network.

Energy efficiency

  • No unload power consumption.
  • Standard equipped with high-efficiency IE3 motor.

Ultimate reliability and serviceability

  • High-quality materials, with a minimal number of moving parts, ensure a long operating life with minimal service interventions.
  • No need for an oil change and oil waste management.
  • Service-friendly vertical layout.

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