Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 30-850
Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 30-850
Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 30-850


Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerant Dryer CPX 30-850


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Refrigerant R134a: Model: CPX30 - CPX75
FAD: 1000 - 2100 l/s
Bar: Max 13
V/PH/Hz: 230/1/50
Weight: 30 - 36kg

Refrigerant R407 A: Model: CPX115 - CPX700
FAD: 3500 - 22500 l/s
Bar: Max 13
V/PH/Hz: 230/1/50
Weight: 60 - 175kg

Refrigerant circuit
The refrigerant circuit compresses and expands the refrigerant medium in a circular system in order to efficiently transfer heat from the wet compressed air to the atmosphere. The CPX dryer refrigerant circuit is designed as a whole and only uses components of high and reliable quality, supplied by globally recognized manufacturers.

Air circuit
Wet compressed air flows directly through the CPX dryer’s internal 3-in-1 heat exchanger, wherein the 3 key dryer functions are combined. Firstly the wet compressed air is cooled down to condensate the moisture, secondly, this condensed moisture will be collected and drained out. Finally, the dried compressed air is re-heated before it enters the factory’s pipework.

Refrigerant Separator
Ensures that only refrigerant gas can enter the compressor, as the liquid would cause damage.

Refrigerant Compressor
Brings the gaseous refrigerant to high pressure and a high temperature.

Digital controller
Saves energy by temporarily turning off the condenser fan when the load on the dryer is low.

Max. Pressure Switch
Protects by ensuring that the refrigerant gas never exceeds the maximal pressure.

Condenser Fan
Efficiently provides a constant flow of ambient air to the air condenser (only for air-cooled).

Cools the refrigerant slightly so that it can change from gas to liquid; refrigerant is more effective in the liquid state.

Capillary Filter
Protects the expansion device from harmful particles.

Capillary Tube
Reduces the refrigerant’s pressure, thereby lowering its temperature and increasing its cooling capacity; the refrigerant is now almost all liquid, with some residual gas. Capillary tubes are expansion devices that are extremely reliable and stabilize the dew point of the dryer.

Hot Gas Bypass
Regulates the amount of refrigerant passing through the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger, ensuring a stable pressure dewpoint,and eliminating
the chance of the condensate freezing.

Air Inlet
Hot saturated air enters the dryer.

Air-To-Refrigerant Heat Exchanger
Transfers heat from the compressed air to the cold refrigerant, forcing water vapor in the compressed air to condense.

Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger
Cools down the air inlet whilst re-heating the outlet air.

Water Separator
Collects and drains out condensate from the cooling airflow.3-in-1 aluminum heat exchangers combine above points 11,12 and 13 making them highly efficient and reliable

Automatic Drain
Removes the free water collected in the water separator.

Air Outlet
Re-heats the outgoing air to prevent condensation on the factory’s pipework

Chicago Pneumatic CPX Refrigerated Dryer

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