SPX Hankison PCM Refrigerant Dryer

SPX Hankison PCM Refrigerant Dryer


Flow Capacity Nm3/min: 2.8 - 374.8

Installed Power: 0.68kw - 107.2kw

Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz): 220~240/1/50

SPX Hankison PCM Air Dryer

Unique Product Design
  • Adopted Phase change material PCM (Patented)
  • Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger with PCM filled in
  • Automatically triggers refrigeration compressor to switch On/Off according to varying compressed air heat loads
Zero Loss Drain
  • Electrostatic capacity sensor
  • Zero loss of compressed air when condensate water is discharged
  • Automatically switch to timer mode at malfunction
Great Energy Efficiency
  • Up to 99% energy saving with the lowest cost
  • The shortest period of return of investment



Heat Exchanger 5-Year Warranty Program

  • When used with NGF filter installed upstream and filter element replacement had been in accordance with recommended maintenance
  • Heat exchanger replacement is confined to its leakage or blockage problem



Introduction of SPX Hankison PCM Refrigerant Air Dryer

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