Industrial Compressor, Oil-Free

Simple and reliable design

T2 series consists of vital components, such as an air cooler, main motor, control panel, gearbox, and suction filter and all of these will be fitted into one compact package. This simple design allows for smaller installation space and shorter installation time.

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TRA(TM) series

TRA(TM) series is the most compact 3-stage compression model of IHI Rotating Machinery Engineering. TRA(TM) series offers high energy saving, low maintenance, saving on space, and easy operation compared to rotary screw compressors.

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TRE series

TRE series is one of the most popular centrifugal compressors in the world and its market share is over 80% in Japan.
Thanks to various aerodynamic designs, low maintenance, and easy installation, the TRE series is the best matching compressor for customers.

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T3 series

The T3 series is the latest model which fits in the middle range between TRE and TRX series. With the T3 series, IHI has been able to offer optimized specifications thanks to a wide range of aerodynamic designs, low maintenance, and easy installation for more customers all over the world.

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TRX series

TRX series is the largest model in our industrial air centrifugal compressors line up. TRX series offer optimized specification thanks to a wide range of aerodynamic design, low maintenance, and easy installation.

User customization

We have more than 1,500 aero parts designed for the most optimized centrifugal compressors to meet customers' requirements.

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