What are the Benefits of having a back up compressor?

03 Jun 2021
Backup Air Compressors Are Essential - Air compressors are highly-engineered products that are essential for production in millions of businesses globally. In fact, compressed air is so critical to these facilities that it is often called the “fourth utility”! Most production cannot function without their utilities such as electric, water, and gas – and it stands to reason that this is also true of compressed air. The cost of downtime of this utility needs to be considered in your air system. Is it important enough to justify a backup unit? Does the backup just sit around and ‘do nothing’? 1) To minimize any negative impact on production brought on by unexpected downtime. 2)Schedule maintenance on your primary compressor at any point in time. 3)Using both your primary air compressor and backup air compressor in your application through load sharing. Essentially, the costs of not investing in a backup air compressor far outweigh the cost of purchasing one, and you can take surprise shutdowns off the worry list. Rest easy and avoid unplanned chaos – discuss investing in a backup compressor today with us, compressed air expert! CTI Program - Trade in your old compressor with CP compressor. **T&C apply **Program by Airflux - Chicago Pneumatic Authorized Distributor: Airflux Malaysia Sdn Bhd Hotline: 03 5525 3075 Mobile: 0128868280 (Roy) Email: info@airflux.com.my Website: www.airflux.com.my